The importance of an Effective Ad Agency.

A step by step analysis on how hiring an effective ad Agency can help you achieve rocket growth.

Effective communication is the major difference between rapid growth or slow death of your business. A smart Business owner should understand that marketing and advertising is the key to success and growth of the company. Owners think they can tackle their marketing needs in-house, but one needs to understand extraordinary growth cannot be achieved with an internal marketing team.

For every business, it is unaffordable to maintain a stron internal marketing team, it is just one or a few people wearing too many hats and expecting extraordinary results from such a team is highly unrealistic. It takes diverse expertise to pull everything into cohesive and well synchronised campaigns. Ad agencies are a great source of resource of experience and expertise than can be tapped into. While deciding the marketing efforts, don’t go for cost effective ways, consider options that can maximize ROI, without losing valuable time. It is effective to go for an ad agency over a team of marketing specialists. We will tell you how hiring an ad agency can be a game changer for your Business. Let us discuss the workflow in three separate phases.

Phase-1 : Ideation
Phase-2 : Implementation
Phase-3: Interaction

Phase 1- Ideation: Hiring an Ad Agency, is like hiring an experienced team that knows what to focus on and has a refined process to succeed. The subsequent steps involve a comprehensive discussion on the product, its features, and the target audience. This will be followed by a series of meetings to discuss how best to present the value proposition and then devising a marketing strategy.

“You cannot afford to have top-level advertising talent on staff.”
Viral content creation and advertising that resonates with your audience takes a lot of speciality skills. Ad agencies alreay have a pool of experts like art directors, writers etc that gives you total access to all these skills at fraction of cost.

“A marketing team with you, all the time.”
When you hire an Ad Agency, you not just hire a copywriter, graphic designer, brand strategist; you get a complete team to effectively lead your company through campaign designing and branding process.

“Clear Perspective”
An effective Ad agency will bring in fresh outlook and expertise to develop an image that resonates throughout all facets of your Business.Ad Agency helps you to balance your ideas with those of outside perspective.

Phase 2- Implementation: How do you leverage search, social and content marketing channels to reach your target audience. This is isn’t to convince all of them in one go. Every agency has a series of best practices learned from working with clients, testing and trying out different ideas and tactics. All of these learning go into devising your marketing strategy. Once the strategy is approved, it is then improvised. With continuous monitoring and testing, the campaigns are optimized and refined. The agency gets better with time, bringing down cost of conversion.

Building a brand is must!!

Branding is beyond many things, good branding is capable of changing the trajectory of your Business forever. It creates legitimacy, creates excitement, making customer acquisition easier. Ad agencies have a great deal of creative and design resources and with all that experience they build you an awesome brand.

Getting better. .
Marketing online or offline requires a significant investment of time, energy and financial resources. Every market asset needs to be tested diligently to figure out what is working and what isn’t. Agencies know this because they have experimented with various approaches in the past.

Ad agencies can bring you instant recognition and credibility.
They help you with media purchasing, such as ads placed in newspapers, magazines, television broadcasts and radio shows. They have an intimate knowledge of pricing, scheduling and other result oriented media platforms. Hiring an ad agency gives you instant access to all these networks. Hence saving your time, money and most importantly effort.

Phase-3: Interaction.
The interaction of your audience with your marketing campaign decides your growth trajectory. An ad agency knows how to make your ads resonate with the audience. A lot of testing and creativity goes into drafting a campaign that goes viral. A successful campaign brings you a lot more than leads and revenue. It solidifies your brand and makes Customer acquisition easier and cheaper.

Get it Viral!
A single campaign is capable of changing the trajectory of your Business. A successful campaign is capable of pulling extra 100,000 people to your site, catering exceptional growth for Business and driving huge number of sign ups and shares.

Ad agencies can put tremendous amount of thought, research and time that goes into positioning of your brand. Retaining such diverse talent is impossible for the majority of businesses. Ad agencies work within your budget and help you to make a significant splash.

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